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Find the REAL Fresh Fish with Kenosha Charter Boats
A mixed bag of Rainbow Trout, Lake Trout, and Coho Salmon caught in Kenosha.
A great catch of Salmon and Trout from the Port of Kenosha.
Nice bunch of Lake Trout with a salmon in the mix.
Great time fishing in Kenosha.
So much fun fishing with Kenosha Charter Boat Association.
All smiles while fishing on Lake Michigan.
Nice catch out of Kenosha, Wisconsin.
Awesome time fishing on Lake Michigan.
Fun time fishing during the summer.
Nice Salmon and Trout being caught on Kenosha Charters.
Nice catch of Salmon.
Great catch of some big Salmon and Trout.
Always a great time when you catch a big fish!
Fantastic summer fishing.
Variety of fish being caught with Kenosha Charter Boat Association.
Full rack of Salmon caught in Kenosha.
Variety a fish you can catch on a trip with Kenosha Charter Boat Association.
A beautiful Lake Trout caught on Lake Michigan!
An awesome Salmon caught on one of our Charters!
A great catch from Lake Michigan.
Looks like they had fun catching these Salmon!
Book a trip with Kenosha Charter Boat Association for the possibility to catch a fish like this one!
Always a big smile when you catch a Salmon like this one!
Beautiful Salmon from Kenosha.
Another great Salmon catch!
Book a trip and have as much fun as they did!!
Look at all those Salmon and Trout!!
Fishing on Lake Michigan if fun for all ages!
Spend a day fishing on Lake Michigan... You won't regret it!
Great catch of Salmon and Trout.
Great trip for catching Salmon.
Look at the cooler FULL of fish!!
Another great day fishing in Kenosha.